Tweed Heads Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Dealing with essential garage door maintenance will save you from bigger and more costly repairs in the future.  Basic maintenance activities can ensure that your garage door will operate smoothly and safely. 

Routine maintenance can help extend the life of your garage door as it continues to provide you easy, safe, and reliable access when it works properly. It is highly recommended that you check and test your garage door system monthly including looking at your garage door opener, springs, rollers, cables, and pulleys for signs of wear, tear, or damage.

Here are some basic garage door maintenance hacks to keep your garage door working:

    Test the Garage Door for Balance

An unbalanced garage door will cause your opener to work harder each time you open or close the door.  This will hasten the wear and tear of your garage door.  While a well-maintained balanced door will less likely crush someone or something. 

    Take these steps as you check your garage door balance:

  • Close the garage door.
  • Pull the door release handle to allow for manual operation.
  • Lift the door about 3 or 4 feet above the ground.  If it stays open or holds this position, your door is properly balanced.  If not, you may need to contact a technician to adjust the spring’s tension.

    Lubricate the Rollers, Bearings, Hinges, Springs, and Chains

One way to maintain the moving parts of your garage door is to lubricate them annually with white lithium grease.  Spray-on versions are available at most home centers. You can also use light oil but it should not be applied to plastic parts. 

Lubrication will make the operation of the opener smoother and quieter while extending the life of both chain and opener.  Lubricating the springs and hinges lightly will prevent your garage door system from jamming up.

Check your Owner’s manual for screws that do not require lubricating.

Inspect and Clean the Springs and Tracks

You can prevent malfunction due to wear and damages by conducting a regular visual inspection of the springs, tracks, and other door hardware.

It will be beneficial to check the springs monthly to detect issues.  And when issues arise, call a certified technician since spring repairs are not a DIY job.  Garage door springs are always under high tension so they could cause serious injury if they are not handled properly.

For track maintenance, check them every month and wipe out or vacuum any debris that might get in the way of the rollers.  Also, check alignment to avoid dragging wheels that can cause damage.  If your garage door tracks are not aligned or not parallel to each other, loosen the bolts in the mounts of the track, straighten the tracks, and then tighten the bolts again.

Adjust the Sensitivity of the Garage Door Opener

It is possible to check the force of the closing of your garage door opener by putting a 2-by-4 under the door and shutting it.  The sensitivity of your garage door opener is good if the door bounces back up when it hits the wood.  If it doesn’t, you may need to reduce the force through a setting on the garage door opener system.

Inspect for Hardware Tightness

Check the tightness of the hardware on the roller track, roller, and roller brackets because they get loose from moving up and down several times a day.  Tighten any loose roller brackets or bolts.  

The brackets hold the door tracks to the wall and the ceiling and the fasteners anchor the garage door opener unit to the framing so if their bolts are tightened regularly, your door will maintain its smooth function. 

Cosmetic Maintenance

You can repaint wooden doors that have degraded under the sun’s UV rays with exterior-grade acrylic-latex paint.  For metal, fiberglass, and vinyl garage doors, wash regularly with mild dish soap and hose down.  Sand out rust spots, remove chipped and peeling paint and repaint if necessary.

Save Yourself From Expensive Repairs

Prevent more difficult issues with your garage door by being aware of its conditions.  Check its specific components each month and look over your garage door system for wear, rust, broken parts, and dirt.  Regular garage door maintenance and inspection will save you from unexpected expensive repairs or replacements in the future.