November 26, 2022

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Curtains are a must-have in every house!

Not only do curtains block sunlight from shining through the windows, but they offer a sense of security because they provide more privacy so that people cannot stare into the house. In addition, they can help tie a room together using a similar color scheme or ensure a pattern is carried through the room or home. Choosing the right curtain for the living room is essential to consider the existing fittings, the room’s color scheme, simplicity versus many patterns, and more. Reading company reviews like Erommy’s reviews will help one find the ideal products. Then, research to find the best curtains for the living room

It’s all in the small details, like the color and patterns!

When choosing a curtain, it is essential not to choose something with lots of detail if one’s lounge is already busy with a detailed carpet and patterned cushions. Then a simple curtain with less detail will work well. However, if one has little ornaments and a more simple cushion design, a curtain with some pattern may complement the simplicity of the other accessories nicely. One must also consider a color scheme because one can pick curtains in a similar shade to the pillows or rugs. Carrying a color through a room will tie the room together nicely and create a feeling of homeliness. The two main color types are warm and cool colors. The colors that make warmth are reds, oranges, and pinks, whereas the blues, purples, and greens create a colder feeling. 

What type of curtain fitment is there?

When purchasing a curtain, you need to decide whether the curtain fixture is a rod, as one will need eyelet curtains. If it is not a rod fitting, one will most likely need taped curtains. Once that’s settled, look at the window length and width. Some curtains give extra length, so decide if this is required to extend it. A sheer under curtain can also be added to the curtains in the lounge to make them look more finished and keep outsiders from looking in. The sheer curtain will allow the room to receive ample light and create that extra feeling of security and privacy. 

Tips for choosing the ideal living room curtains

Research has shown that the best type of curtain for the living room is typically light in color, so they are generally white or cream. One does not pick the darker curtains because they create a small space with a dull atmosphere. A living room is a room that will be filled with people when they visit, so you want it to be open and bright. Sticking with a neutral under the curtain and a sizeable printed-over curtain with some splashes of color is a safe option, ensuring that the curtains make the room look bigger, creating a happier environment. Draw inspiration from colors in the room, animals, patterns, and nature to find the perfect curtain for your living room. Remember that it must reflect your personality in aspects of your home, so choose curtains that you like and reflect you!