I learned in a high school psychology class that colors can impact your thoughts and feelings. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the teacher said….But if I wasn’t paying attention, at least the witches were, who now use colors to invoke certain energies—with interior design.

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My professional witch friend and color-magick practitioner Sarah Potter gave me some *chef’s kiss* tips when I was feeling burned out a few months ago. She suggested I:

  1. Swap out the bright fluorescent bulb in my bedroom’s lighting fixture for a warmer one and add a candle to my bedside table for a bonus moody glow (LED candles count, if you’re worried about burning down your house). “You don’t need strong, invigorating light because you don’t work in here,” Potter explained. Makes sense!
  2. Add some plant-mom vibes to my bedroom to promote good health. This was a perfect excuse to finally put up the banana-leaf sticky wallpaper I’d ordered forever ago.
  3. Exchange my white sheets for a dreamier color like purple, silver, or light gray.
  4. Leave soft-pink flowers in my entryway. They would greet me with sweetness as soon as I walked through the door.
  5. Buy my kitchen a yellow tea kettle. My 5 a.m. mornings would be *that* much brighter with a dose of sunny hues.
    1. So! Apart from setting my hair on fire when I first lit the candle (don’t ask), my new lighting sitch makes my bedroom feel like a womb in the best, least-weird way. My eyeballs are so happy to relax after working in a blindingly bright office all day.

      To amplify my new sheets’ vibes, Potter told me to visualize a purple light surrounding me before bed. I def haven’t reached this kind of peak meditation yet, but it is a nice daily reminder to take some deep breaths.

      And when I was rushing to get to Spin class one morning, a glance at my yellow teapot reminded me that life would go on if the instructor (who scares me) reprimanded me. The pink peonies in my doorway had a similarly uplifting effect. Their perfume even overpowered my scented garbage bags, which I hate but bought accidentally and have to use up. Best of all, my wallpaper has me feeling like I’m living in Margaritaville, population: one very chilled out moi.

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